Work Stations

Moulana Educational advisory network    

Facilitating the recognition of qualifications acquired in third countries, promoting their visibility and increasing comparability with the UK qualifications, while offering bridging courses to help migrants complement the education acquired abroad, is key to a faster and fairer inclusion of migrants into the labour market and enables them to fully use their competences and skills. This can also help refugees pursue their studies in   the UK   thus increasing their level of participation in higher education and lifelong learning.


Higher education

The   website “Information for Refugees – Studying and Living in   the United Kingdom” will be launched aimed at refugees who have arrived in the   UK and would like to begin or continue a course of study here. The site will be translated into Arabic, Farsi, Pashto and Urdu and provides an overview of the main topics that are relevant to studying in the UK.


Grants and funding

There are a number of ways to cover your expenses while studying here in UK depending on individuals circumstances.  Various organizations offer scholarships specifically for refugees.


Moulana will offer following programs in collaborations with local universities:

  • Welcome – Students Helping Refugees,

 Funding student projects which help refugees gain orientation at the beginning of their studies at a UK university. They provide a broad range of services, such as information seminars, academic advising, campus tours, language partners and much more.
In addition to offering seminars on academic working methods, the UK students can help you make social contacts even outside the university.

  • Integrating Refugees in Degree Programs

 Creates the ideal conditions for getting refugees for university study. Universities and preparatory colleges offer academic advising, verify certificates of refugees interested in studying and offer language and preparatory courses which prepare you for university study.