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Moulana Employment and skills Programs

For many young people with a migrant background and refugees coming to the UK, vocational training is a key to successful integration. It opens up long-term career prospects and excellent way in contributing to Local economy  Vocational training ensures that refugees not only find shelter from war and displacement, but that they are also given new prospects for the future through targeted integration into the  UK  labour market. In the medium term, this will help secure the next generation of skilled workers in the UK.

 Although refugees tend to have higher education levels than is the average in their countries of origin, there is a substantial skill gap relative to the overall UK population. Asylum seekers and refugees typically face greater barriers to finding work than other migrants. First, refugees often suffer from interruptions in their work and education trajectories due to the social and economic situation in their home and transit countries. Second, the migration of refugees is typically driven by factors outside of their control (e.g., war, genocide, and persecution), so it tends to be less voluntary and more unpredictable

Moulana Refugee Guides

Bakers, roofers, carpenter and etc some refugees have good qualifications and they are looking for employment  or  Companies, particularly small and medium-sized firms, which want to provide vocational training to refugees , . How can companies and refugees get together?   

Soon they  be able to rely on  Moulana 'refugee guides'  for practical support. The refugee guides will provide them with information on language training, refugees' residence status, skills, and support services. These advisors organize work placements and job shadowing opportunities for refugees, support them in acquiring the basic skills they need, and find jobs and vocational training positions for them in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). 

 For refugees coming to   the UK, vocational training is a key to successful integration. Vocational training allows people to participate in society and to make their own choices in life. Companies that participate in the scheme will also benefit. They will find the trainees they need as tomorrow's skilled labor.


Moulana Vocational training programs 

  • In association with Vocational Training provider, we will Assess refugees skills and qualifications and support them with   more effective and faster up skilling and re-skilling, including through validation procedures for non-formal and informal learning.

  • More  female refugees  participate in high-quality VET