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Women's Race

Our Vision:

To promote the positive impacts of sport on our mental and physical health in the Northwest of UK.

Our Mission:

Change the culture to one that values diversity, bring people together from different ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation and religious beliefs. Promote healthy lifestyle and encourage them to be more physically active as Sport reduces the risk of illnesses such as diabetes and high cholesterol. Decrease the number of people with mental health problems in Northwest of UK, as physical activity can have a profound and positive impact on mental wellbeing by improving the mood, decreasing the chance of depression and anxiety.   

“Sport has the power to change the world.” Nelson Mandela 

Our Values

Gender Diversity – Gender is an ordering principle in society which influences and directs how we think, live and interact with each other as social beings. Gender impacts structural divides: who has power, who has wealth and who can influence how power is exercised. Having both women and men in sport would lead to benefiting from the different points of view and approaches that come from different life experiences. A multiplicity of perspectives can spark creativity and innovation, and help us spot and seize new opportunities. 

Passion – we believe Passion is essential in sport as it creates competition, the need to better your skills, and continue the activity you love. An athlete who is passionate about their sport is more likely to be successful. They will eat, sleep, and breathe their sport, and, therefore, they will be excited to excel.

Optimism – An athlete who lacks an optimistic attitude isn’t likely to fully excel because they don’t expect to win. A successful athlete must believe that they will win and remain positive even when facing adversity.

Acceptance of Criticism – How can one improve if they aren’t willing to accept constructive criticism? Successful athletes understand that it’s important to remain coachable while accepting and learning from their mistakes. They will also be open to advice or tips from teammates and accepting of calls made by officials.

Focus – A strong athlete must be able to focus on their goals and the big picture, which helps them stay dedicated to their training. we must also be able to focus on the moment while competing and tune out anything that is happening in the stands with spectators or that might be occurring in their personal lives outside of their sport.

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