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Moulana Women’s Group 

Our Vision 

To reduce the gender gap which exists in society all over the world. 

Our Aim 

The aim of creating Moulana Women’s Group is to improve the quality of lives of women by way of involvement in public engagement events, health, and social care. Over the past 50 years there has been a trend towards encouraging women’s involvements in taking diverse employment and educational skills. This strategy has been slow in Middle-Eastern countries. Moulana aims to improve and enhance this trend. 

Our Values 

It is crucial that women’s voices are at the front and centre of this strategy. Moulana has a mission to ensure women are able to access the facilities and services that are available for men. It is vital that women are properly listened to for their specific needs in society and the appropriate action taken. If they enter and be involved in more aspects of the community, hopefully the gender gap will be reduced and will result in a stronger and creating a more diverse society. 

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