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Moulana Media

Moulana Media was originally established to cover activities of Moulana food bank provision   and Corona virus related information. With expansion of the overall Moulana community services and evaluation of community needs, Moulana Media will engage in following services:

1-TV Program Production:

  • To contribute to an enhanced expression of diversity within the U.K by creating content from a fresh perspective, giving a voice to those who are underrepresented and telling stories which reflect and resonate with today’s society. 

  • To developing new narratives to tell untold stories.

  • To investigate and document alternative perspectives and provide important counter narratives where mainstream media fails. 

 2- Education and training in Media for Refugees –

     We think there’s a lot of diverse talent out there with refugees, that just needs backing. . Under-utilised in Britain Many asylum seekers and refugees are well-educated and highly qualified, and almost all have some level of education. Barriers to employment and gaining recognition of qualifications and limited work experience in the UK are major barriers to integration of refugees.

According to CARA – Council for Assisting Refugee Academics

  • 18 refugees have become Nobel Laureates, 

  • 16 refugees have received knighthoods, 

  • 71 Fellows or Foreign Members of the Royal Society were refugees,

  • 50 Fellows or Corresponding Fellows of the British Academy were refugee

Three generations of talent 

  • Victor Ehrenberg, an eminent historian of the ancient world and refugee from Czechoslovakia

  • Lewis Elton (his son), educationalist, the only professor of higher education in Britain before he retired. 

  • Ben Elton (his grandson), comedian and novelist.

  • Help refugees in understanding The Media in the U.K and the means of entry to it.

  • Advice on entry level media training, apprenticeship, university courses and advanced training. 

  • Helping to secure bursaries and scholarship for refugees in broadcast technology and productions from available sources.

3-Workshops - Refugees and Media 

Through workshops we hope to establish strategies on refugee empowerment, integration and the role of media in coverage of these issues. Also to ensure that lives and experiences of refugee’s are reflected properly.

  • Media portrayal of refugees and  exploring  best practices on coverage 

  • The range of challenges refugees face in the UK and their aspirations.

  • Humanizing the refugee crisis and bring it to the attention of the community.