The Goals Of

 Moulana Music 

The goals of Moulana Music

Maulana Music School aims to develop and promote the art of Iranian music among all the strata of Iranian society living in England, especially those who have the quality and level of education of the profession

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One of the most important goals of this school is the following:

  • Improving the level of music knowledge for the general public

  • Optimal Drama Publishing and Culture

  • Familiarity with more Iranian children due to living abroad

  • They have distanced themselves from the rich Iranian culture and the Iranian culture, poetry and music

  •  Increase the ability to hear different sounds, sounds and melodies, read and play them.

  •  Understanding aesthetics and increasing creativity in hair

  •  Creating social interaction through group training, followed by increasing communication skills and transmitting the culture of the past.

  •  Increase skills in better understanding of music in order to solve some problems and mental problems of individuals.

  •  Preserving the works and culture of the past by teaching music to students