Health & Safety

1. Washing hands regularly

2. Anti-bacterial hand wash and regularly spray chairs and tables

3. No sharp objects or wet floors

4. No smoking in the teaching and surrounding areas

5. Fire assessments, assembly points awareness and fire alarm recognition

6. Not to operate lifts alone 


1. The Moulana Community is committed to treating all staff, volunteers and students equally, regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, or disability.

2. To respect other cultures within the community, for example when there is a student who is fasting in the classroom, not to eat and drink next to them.

3. Moulana will cater for all different people from any background for their specific requirements in any events or gatherings. 

General Data Protection Policy (GDPR)

1. Scope: The scope of this policy covers all processing activities and supporting information systems involving personal data where the Moulana Community acts as the controller. This includes personal data in physical form, stored in a relevant filing system.

2. Risk appetite statement: The Council of Managements risk appetite for a material breach of GDPR compliance is LOW.

3. Moulana is committed to processing data in accordance with its responsibilities under GDPR.

4. A Data Protection Officer (DPO) has been appointed to be Mr Vahid Madanpisheh.5. The Council of Management of Moulana has overall responsibility for this policy and for reviewing the effectiveness of actions taken in response to concerns raised in this policy.6. Confidentiality requires protection of information from unauthorised disclosure. 

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

The Moulana Community is committed to ensuring that children and young people stay safe from harm.

This policy applies to all staff to ensure all of the Moulana management team, staff, volunteers and service users understand and comply with Moulana’s duty to safeguard, protect and promote the welfare and safety of children.

Safeguarding actions may be needed to protect children and students from:

• Neglect

• Physical abuse

• Sexual abuse

• Emotional abuse

• Bullying

• Racism

• Disability

• Substance abuse

• Parenting issues

• Providing first aid

• Educational visits

• Online safety

• Personal cases

Moulana has designated Mr Ghafoor Sheikh for safeguarding underage students.

The following details must be recorded:

1. Full name of child or young person

2. Age

3. Any siblings

4. Parents/Guardians name

5. Home address and mobile telephone number of parent/guardian

6. Particular circumstances (e.g. language barrier, disability, etc)

7. Has child or young person been spoken to?

8. Have parents/guardians been contacted?

9. Has an alleged abuser been named?

10. Has anyone else been consulted?