All Hands In

Moulana Refugee Network

 Here at Moulana we believe that, If you want to help your society and economy thrive, you need to support everyone who is part of society. This means empowering those facing disadvantages, while ensuring our communities are united and cohesive. It means giving equal opportunities to all to enjoy their rights and participate in community and social life, regardless of the background. Moulana Refugee network  will support refugees by pulling resources of  local  companies, government bodies , NGOs, universities, congregations, research institutes, communities and individuals in these fields : .

Asylum and refugee protection

Asylum is a right that is protected by British Law. People who have been displaced from other parts of the world and are fleeing from violence war and terror are to find protection in our country.  We will provide information on the stages of the asylum procedure, the right to asylum and the various forms of protection, 

Moulana Educational advisory network 

Facilitating the recognition of qualifications acquired in third countries, promoting their visibility and increasing comparability with UK  qualifications, while offering bridging courses to help  refugees complement the education acquired abroad, is key to a faster and fairer inclusion of refugees into the labour market and enables them to fully use their competences and skills. This can also help migrants pursue their studies in UK   thus increasing their level of participation in higher education and lifelong learning.

Moulana Employment and skills Programs 

Assessment of refugee skills, Up skilling and Re skilling with continuous support, including through validation procedures for non-formal and informal learning.

Moulana Entrepreneurial Refugee Network 

Encourage entrepreneurship among refugees through tailored training and mentoring programs, by opening up mainstream entrepreneurship support structures to them  and including entrepreneurship in integration programs  

Moulana Integration programs 

Developing welcoming, diverse and inclusive societies is a process that needs the engagement of both refugees and the British  society. Gaining an understanding of the laws, culture and values of the  British society as early as possible, for example through civic orientation courses, is crucial for refugees to fully participate in the  society